Learn what makes a good builder.

It's no surprise that building your first home, extending your deck, or renovating the family living area can be a daunting process. You hope to find a builder with good experience, impeccable work ethic and an established passion for helping you create your project. Sadly, it's just not always the case.

You're putting 110% of your trust, time and money, into a builder to construct your dream project and sometimes, it's difficult to tell whether they really are the right fit for you. With thousands of licensed builders, you need to know who is genuine and who is simply another 'Fly-By-Night' business owner. We've compiled a  top ten list, of signs which we think define a "good builder". 


The builder who arrives at your house at the agreed time, will also most likely start your project on time and complete it in the designated time frame. A builder with good punctuality has a better understanding of timelines, and it will be demonstrated in how he schedules aspects of your project. 


You need to know your limits when proposing ideas to a builder. Many builders will agree with everything you have to say, simply to get the job. In turn, this creates problems down the track for both the construction, and the relationship between the builder and the client. If your budget won't cover the job, or your time frames are unrealistic, you want a builder to be upfront and honest. 



Any builder worth his salt, will have previous clients willing to unequivocally recommend them to future prospective customers. Check their track record, and whether they've completed similar work in the past and if they've done it well. Furthermore, ask if they have previous clients willing to showcase their work.  


Experienced builders know that sometimes, plans don't always correlate with the job and on occasion problems will arise. Can your builder improvise, provide you with solutions and tackle any difficulties or variations or does the building come to a complete stop? You want flexibility and a builder able to offer ideas. 


Quality is a bi-product of a job done well. A builder who's serious and passionate about their work and company, will do the very best they can, to ensure that the quality of craftsmanship is to the highest standard. 

Business Proud

When you find a builder, does he arrive in a car with company logos, or is he wearing a company shirt? Is there business cards, or a website? A builder that is company orientated demonstrates that they're serious about doing well - they're putting their job and their company on the line. They're working to build a quality business and will be more likely to deliver a positive customer experience.

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